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For information regarding visiting, wedding events, photographing, etc The McLeod Plantation, please visit The Charleston County Parks and Recreation Department Website as they are the owners of the plantation.

Be a part of history! Volunteer opportunities are starting to become available at McLeod Plantation. If you are interested in learning how you can become involved, check out this link on the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission, South Carolina website and sign up for the 11/15 class.

The Friends of McLeod have committed to buying benches for McLeod Plantation!

mcleod park bench

If you have seen McLeod, you know it’s impossible to take in this much history in a short time.

The benches with a back and arm rests will cost $2,000 each, and the backless benches are $1,000.

If you would like to donate a bench or to the funds for benches in honor of or in memory of someone, please call Carol at 795-7519.

Acknowledgement of your donation will be displayed at the Welcome Center.

What a good way to give back and make your OWN history! 


On February 28, 2011, Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission purchased McLeod Plantation on James Island. Please click HERE go to their website for information regarding weddings, events, etc.

The Friends of McLeod were delighted to accept the Distinguished Service Award given to them by James Island Community Education on May 17, 2012. 

We're also proud to be named a National Finalist for an award given by the American Association of State and Local History nominated for our project, Saving McLeod.

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McLeod Plantation - A Walk With History DVD

Enjoy our DVD that takes you through the pathways of history at McLeod. Buy your own copy of a unique collection of photos, maps, and artifacts of McLeod Plantation's history from 1695 to the present. This amazing presentation was put together with extreme care and tells the story of McLeod, a rare gem of Sea Island history. Click on "Join Us" to order your copy.




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